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Many of us are living an overindulgent lifestyle, whether we are working hard and feeling stressed, having one too many glasses of wine or feeling bloated after a big meal, the Roogenic Super Detox Tea is the effortless way to restore balance in your life and reclaim the best version of yourself.

The antiseptic (anti-bacterial) properties of the Lemon Myrtle within this tea can assist in maintaining the balance between bad bacteria and good bacteria (probiotics) in our digestive system. Helping you to restore balance in your body and life. In doing so the tea accommodates and supports the different processes accruing in the body during detoxification – so you feel great throughout the cleansing process.

Delicious as a hot tea, or an iced tea, the Roogenic Super Detox Tea is the perfect addition to your water intake, and it is the straightforward way to restore balance.

Roogenic take huge pride in sustainably sourcing bush foods from across Australia, ensuring that they support small farmers and nurture Indigenous communities.

The blend contains ingredients that have been Naturopathically accredited and approved to help with detoxification, digestion & immune function.
Lemon myrtle has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.
Can be enjoyed both hot or cold.
Great addition to your daily water intake to help with hydration.
Has a refreshing lemony flavour with sweet-sour notes.


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