Milk Chocolate + Hazelnut Cream Valentines Day Chocolate Bar 50g


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Introducing our limited edition Valentine’s Day Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar, crafted with lots of love. Bite into the smooth, decadent chocolate exterior and discover an exquisite hazelnut cream filling, an embodiment of pure delight.

But the charm doesn’t stop there. Atop this delightful creation, we’ve added a sprinkling of adorable, crispy rose gold feuilletine, providing an indulgent texture and a touch of elegance. This chocolate bar is more than a treat; it’s a genuine Valentine’s Day sweetheart, perfectly combining taste and aesthetics.

Gift your special someone (or indulge yourself!) with our Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar. This Valentine’s Day, share a taste of pure happiness and love.

Please note: Our chocolates are crafted in a kitchen that processes gluten, dairy, and all nuts, so be mindful of allergen considerations.


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